I’ve written some short (usually very short) stories before, and I’ve had a couple of blogs. Since I would like to keep the half-decent ones accessible from this website, I will provide the links for them below.


The Great Journey of the Unnamed Man to the Land of the Unnamed Ghoul: I think I’d written this when I was 17 or 18. It’s hilarious.

Khosh Bonyegan: Honestly, I don’t even remember writing this. But apparently I’ve written it in the August of 2018. It’s a short story in Persian. Lovely stuff.

Previous Blogs

Spotty Bed Sheet: Short blog posts, including flash fiction and poetry. Very nonsensical.

Stray Geek: Blog posts in Persian from my 14 year old self. Mainly very nerdy and technical. Makes me cringe. But hey, it was me!